Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Artists

Today has been a fun day and it's not even noon yet!! After Sissy and Albert left, the kids have been busy painting. Sadie finished up a series of insects (and a snail) on canvas that she had been working on. T.S. chose to paint a firetruck (that would be the red one) and a police car (the yellow one). After that, he painted with water colors and acrylics just on paper. He is quite a prolific artist.
Mom should get points for letting him paint his canvas however he wanted. I had big plans for how I'd paint the four vehicle pictures to go with the decor in his room. It was really hard to watch but he was very proud of his finished work and I am too.
On a side note, Tiger, our bottle calf, got himself in a bit of a jam sometime yesterday (we think). He somehow got caught between the water tank and the fence. To make a long story short, I got in the water tank to get him turned around. You just never know what might happen around here.

T.S. and Sadie picked more squash today--we are running out of ways to cook it.

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Jennifer said...

I love your pictures! Cody would be jealous of all your squash. Ours died of some strange affliction.