Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas--Part 4

Christmas morning, the kids woke up to a new Wii, complete with Wii Fit Plus. They enjoyed looking at their stockings and then we opened presents.

We gathered everything up, including the Wii, went to visit Nonnie, and then headed to town for the day. At mom's we enjoyed a great Christmas dinner. We spent the day playing games and the Wii.

When we returned home that evening, Robby decided to set up the Wii so we could play the next day. Unfortunately, Santa forgot to check to make sure that you could hook it up to our TV. We ended up going to Amarillo the day after Christmas to buy a TV. (Fun times)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Break, Part 3

On Thursday we woke up to a little bit of snow and a whole lot of wind. We were on the edge of the "blizzard." The girls were determined to play in it, but soon found out the wind and cold were just too much. They did collect a bowl of snow to eat.

We spent the day in town playing games and eating more. After church that evening, the boys treated us to chicken-fried deer steak and the fixings.
The kids hung their stockings and Sadie wrote Santa a note before heading to bed.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Break, Part 2

On Wednesday we went to Nonnie's for a pizza picnic. The girls impressed everyone with their tumbling/gymnastic/cheer skills. T.S. showed off his crab walk--all the way down the hall. That afternoon we made the cut-out cookies that Nonnie always helped us with. Jennifer and I were pretty proud of our efforts. The cookies turned out pretty good.

The girls went out in the weather (not exactly dressed appropriately for it) to feed.
We enjoyed an evening of games, cookie eating and fried catfish (courtesy of Cody).

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Happy Toy Maker

We came home tonight (from eating leftovers at mom's) to find that the Happy Toy Maker had stopped by while we were gone. Last year, he left the pickup and trailer, the year before that we received portable pens, and this year, we have our own feedlot. The kids (and Robby and I) were thrilled.

Here they are with the two feed pens set up.

Notice that the pens are clearly marked "1" and "2". That's so we can keep up with which pen needs doctoring, etc. I love the way they are personalized--above the feed bunks it says, "Bow Ranch Pens."
The Happy Toy Maker does an outstanding job creating unique toys. The kids can hardly wait to start feeding cattle.

Thanks Jerry and crew!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Break, part one

Monday we enjoyed Christmas at my mom's house. My brother and sister and their families were all here. The cousins were really glad to see each other.

Tuesday we took Nonnie to lunch at El Camino.

We spent the afternoon on a photo shoot around Happy.

I bought myself a camera--I'm still shooting on auto, since I haven't had time to play around much. I can tell I'm going to really enjoy it, though. I wish I knew more about it--a mule deer was in the road when we turned off the pavement to our dirt road Tuesday night. I tried to take pictures and ended up with a really blurry deer. T.S. and I were amazed when it bounded over the barbed wire fence.
Today we have had a mix of rain, sleet and now snow. We enjoyed a pizza picnic with Nonnie, games and cookie baking (pictures to come).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Pagaent

For our children's program at church this year we went back to a basic Christmas pageant. Older kids narrated and had "lines." The pageant included a multitude of the heavenly host and more shepherds than one flock probably needs, but it was one of our "better" programs.

Sadie was a wisewoman/girl/lady. T.S. was a shepherd. (Yes, his robe has Lightning McQueen on it--he's very fashion forward as far as shepherds go.)

Some shepherds had whips and sorting sticks (we are in the panhandle--the beef capital of the world). Some cast members chose not to wear footwear. I think they thought that was keeping it true to the times. Our program had no fancy set or costumes. But it had the most important thing a Christmas program should have--the story of the birth of Jesus.

Santa even made a visit--both kids are still committed to joining forces and asking for a Wii together.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Last Week...

The last week has been a busy one.
Sadie danced with her dance/cheer class at the basketball game.

She showed her lambs at a jackpot in Claude (T.S. came to love the back of the Explorer.).

Oscar placed first and reserve breed fine wool cross. Edward was second. Sadie did an outstanding job showing. Oh, and it was cold and a little windy.

Both kids rang bells at church--this seems to be a pretty serious affair.
We FINALLY decorated the tree.

Robby and Sadie practiced the fiddle. (Ignore all boxes, etc. in the background--I said we decorated, not that we have the house back in order. The elf is supposed to arrive any day to put away laundry, return the storage containers from decorating to the storeroom, and hopefully do some cleaning.)

I should probably mention the weather. Last week was cold, to say the least. Yesterday, the high was 24. We woke to thin ice this morning. That was followed by snow, dark skies, a little sunshine and the horribly high winds. We're hoping things will even out as the week goes on.