Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Lion, Some Tigers, and Birds, Oh My!!

Last night we went to Tulia to the circus. It was a one-ring show in a tent. We had a ball. The kids were impressed with the lion and tigers. The trapeze lady left them in awe. We enjoyed juggling, unicycles, balancing acts, a clown and even a high-wire act. Thanks for the treat Aunt Jeanne! Sadie said, "Being in the circus might not be too bad." Maybe we can train the chickens and cats and go on the road.
We made sure the kids understood that all of the overhead acts and balancing acts were for circus people only. We'll see if they attempt any of them at home.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break: Day 4 (and 5-6)

The snow is all gone here, except for a small drift here and there, so back to spring break. On Thursday Jennifer took the girls back to the golf course for a photo shoot. Then we all loaded up and went to the Magnolia Depot to try to get some pictures of T.S. on the caboose. They have an outdoor stage there, so the kids treated us to a little show before lunch. The kids talked us into swimsuits, water guns and sprinklers that afternoon.

Later that afternoon, the adults traveled to College Station for "42" at The Chicken, burritos from Free Birds and dancing at the Texas Hall of Fame. The fabulous Amy stayed home with our kids and treated them to manicures and pedicures and pizza. Sadie couldn't believe you could order on line and watch the progress of your order.
We enjoyed our trip down memory lane in Aggieland.
Friday was a day of resting. You are probably wondering about the cake balls--well, the cake was good, but we ran out of time to actually make the balls. Maybe next time.
Saturday we left Magnolia, ate at Babe's in Burleson and then went on to Aledo for a brief visit with Robby's folks. We made it home that night. All in all, it was a fun, relaxing week. We're looking forward to our next visit to the Spivey Resort.
My sister posted some of the pictures here. She is very talented. I am proud of her and I envy her camera.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing in the Snow

We woke up to a little more snow this morning. There wasn't enough for Robby to really pull the car hood behind the four-wheeler. He did pull them out to some larger drifts, though. This afternoon, all that is left are the drifts--and they are really dirty.
You can see more pictures of our drifts here.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Blizzard Pictures

Against my better judgement, I finally relented and let the kids go outside (windchills in the upper teens). They had a ball. As you can see, the snow isn't particularly deep, except where it drifted. The wind has blown pretty much all day. We've had several bands of snow blow through and are expecting a bit more tonight. Petunia has been out in it all day, she seems to like it. Right now she is asleep beside her house.

Mama just can't say no...

We had to go to Tractor Supply Wednesday to get bedding for the rat and gerbil. We had just gotten in the store when Sadie announced they had baby chicks. I looked around and saw nothing. She had heard them and made a bee-line straight to them. So we came home with these:

Yes, chicks--four "assorted bantam chickens." We were attracted to the "fancy hair" on three of them and the smallness of the third. I'm a little worried about the assorted part--with our luck they are roosters. We'll see.

Notice that the little one gave Sadie a "present" this morning. (It was quite comical.) I'm pretty sure saying, "Sure, Daddy won't care." Gives me some more points for Mother Of the Year.

UPDATE: The gray one, Chloe, passed away last night. The other three seem to be doing well--they are developing nice wing feathers.

Spring Break: Day 3

Today was a fun day because Robby volunteered to stay home with the kids while Jen and I went shopping. He even took pictures of the kids playing on the "hills" behind the houses.

After supper the kids and I made cakes for our cake ball project. I didn't get any pictures of the girls making theirs. (sorry girls)

I'm not sure what day the next pictures are from; we enjoyed playing the Wii every day. (Even though Josie said my Mii was "freaky.") T.S. really liked golf and boxing.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break: Day 2, Part 2

We made it back to Magnolia and took the kids for the ice cream we promised them. None of them (including my sister and me) finished it. Maybe there wasn't that big of a need for ice cream after all.
After we got home, Josie took us on an adventure along the creek behind their house. My kids loved this because there were trees and water--something they aren't used to.
Cody fried his famous fish for supper--yum. BOTH of my kids ate it. We finished the day tired and very full.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What starts with "B"?

Why, braces and black eye of course!

Sadie got braces on her top two middle teeth today. T.S. got a black eye yesterday evening (something about getting kicked by accident on the trampoline). He is also showing you his "scarf" on his forehead.

Spring Break: Day 2

On Tuesday of spring break, we had big plans: tour the Blue Bell Creamery and take pictures in the bluebonnets. We drove to Brenham, had lunch, then headed to the Creamery. The line snaked out the door and down a sidewalk. They had even erected portable shades for the people in line--not a good sign. Since my sister and I are so very smart, we decided to ask some questions before unloading the kids. We found out that even if we got in line, we might not get a tour.

So, we took the kids to the picnic area at Washington on the Brazos (the birthplace of Texas) and played for a while. We didn't attempt the historic part of it (we know our limits), but did point out the Brazos River--chocolate milk according to T.S.

After surviving the gravel-throwing-unattended kids at the playground, we set off to take pictures in the bluebonnets. Sadie was promptly bitten by fire ants.

(Part 2 of Day 2 to follow--it ended up being quite an adventure-filled day)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


To continue with our "crazy week theme" I thought I'd share these pictures that T.S. and Jake took at our very memorable bluebonnet photo shoot. My sister got a few good ones of the boys and posted them here.

You are welcome (again) for not posting all of the identical pictures of the field of flowers. And, no comments on how haggard we look--remember 4 kids +1 car+no tour+mean playground kids (not sure what it equals, but I think Jen and I handled it well--we are smiling after all and we did get home with all 4 kids.)

T.S. Says

We interrupt this spring break series with breaking news: T.S. has a "scarf" on his head.
Mom, I have a scarf on my head.
Me: A what?
You know a scarf. I scratched my head. See?
Shows forehead. Me: Oh yeah, a scratch. We'll have to put something on that or it will be a scar.
No, even Harry Potter has a scarf.
I'm guessing that a "scarf" is somewhat like a badge of honor. I asked to photograph it, but surprisingly he said no.

Spring Break, Day 1

We travelled to Magnolia, Texas to visit my sister and her family. We spent Monday hanging out and enjoying life in a sub-division. We were even brave and went to Wal Mart (I know, what were we thinking??) Robby played golf at High Meadow Ranch Golf Club (a must if you are in the area). Jen and I took the kids there for lunch--yummy!

I took the following pictures Tuesday, but I just wanted to give you an idea of what we were dealing with all week--4 cousins and all I wanted was 1 good picture. This series kind of summed up the week for me--lots of fun and kind of crazy. Notice the footwear or lack thereof--this will be a recurring theme the rest of the week. You can click on the pictures to make them larger and get a better view of the facial expressions.

Please note: I chose not to show you about half of this photo shoot--you can thank me later.

Monday, March 23, 2009

We're back!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we are back from our fabulous spring break trip to the Spivey resort in Magnolia. I'll post pictures soon! I'm enjoying a concert of loud drums, piano and guitar by the rock band right now...we'll have to come up with a name for them, I'm sure they'll be big some day. The three boys were glad to see each other today. I believe they have all grown in the last week.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sadie brought home a cabbage plant today. Her class is participating in the Bonnie Plant 3rd Grade Cabbage Program. Sadie thought it would be a good idea to try to post weekly updates on the plant. I think we are going to have to plant it in a larger container so it'll keep growing until it is warm enough to put outside here. We're going to see if Nonnie will let us bring it down to her so she can take care of it while we are gone for spring break.


The boys were busy bakers this morning. The Pioneer Woman and Bakerella have nothing on us.