Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

Here's a recap of our holiday. We were out of school early on Tuesday and enjoyed a day of not much on Wednesday. Wednesday evening we celebrated "Thanksmas" (Christmas the day before Thanksgiving) with the Tireys. The kids enjoyed bouncing in Shipo's barn. They exchanged ornaments and the adults had Chinese Christmas. We celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday with the Tireys and then were on the road to Aledo for more celebration with the Bows. (Sorry, as usual, got to the Tirey shindigs with no camera.)

The weather in Aledo was great. Robby and I went shopping Friday and the kids stayed with their grandparents and had a great afternoon of adventures with some of their cousins. We returned to dirty, tired, excited kids. They had worked all day on their clubhouse in the woods. PaPa has a treasure trove of items for clubhouse building. He let the kids paint, use the cordless drill, hammer all they wanted and drag stuff from all over to outfit the club--The Double C (Cousins Club). Meda and Sadie gave me the grand tour. The kids ended their evening around the firepit with PaPa.

On Saturday, we had the Bow Thanksgiving feast. More cousins were on hand for adventuring and improvements were made to the Double C. Sinks and cooktops were added. The kids had so much fun making their club. Some of the adults enjoyed more shopping and Sadie had a ball being a model so her aunts could get some photography practice in. A highlight for T.S. was "writing on the wall, because you never let us do it." Grandma has a wall that is waiting to be finished, so the grandkids get to draw pictures on it.

We arrived home today to this:

I guess it was our first official snow--we're back to the reality of Panhandle weather.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today, we left school around 12:45. We are officially on Thanksgiving break. The kids had fun at school today. T.S. was an Indian with the rest of the Kindergarten and the second grade. They joined the first and third grade pilgrims for the annual feast. The pilgrims and Indians all bring something that might have been served at the first Thanksgiving (or at least similar to) and, well, they feast. T.S. took grapes. They were served with nuts, beef jerky, muffins, popcorn and cheese. The feast is another thing that makes Happy great--besides the fact that it's safe to ask every kid to bring something, the pilgrims and Indians didn't dig in until "Thanks" were given.

The fourth grade graduated from the feast this year, they had their own version of Thanksgiving in their home room. A highlight was homemade rolls with REAL butter. Before this group ate, they went around the room and each fourth grader had the opportunity to tell what he/she was thankful for.

We are enjoying an afternoon of laundry and relaxation. We're thankful indeed!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where does the time go?

We've made it through another week--time certainly seems to be flying.
Here are the highlights:
  • At morning assembly, T.S. was named Kindergarten's Outstanding Student for the second six-weeks. (This meant he was recognized and got to go on stage in front of the whole elementary--in his way-too-short sweat pants because that was all that was available that day. Thanks, Robby, for at least having those clean.)
  • Fiddle Lessons--Sadie is now working on three songs.
  • Dance/Cheer--Sadie and her friends are tweaking and finishing up their routines for upcoming performances at home basketball games.

Wednesday and Thursday--Sadie and T.S. spend a day and a half with GeGe. Happy hosted our district elementary and junior high UIL events those days. Sadie was an alternate for oral reading and creative writing. We were proud of her for trying out.

Friday--Sadie enjoyed a movie and ice cream sundae at school as a reward for participating in UIL. I went Christmas shopping after school. Robby and the kids hung out.

Today--We worked most of the morning putting laundry away (again, thanks, Robby for getting it washed) and returning the living room to normal after the craft explosion. Plans for the afternoon include more laundry and a visit to Nonnie's.

We are looking forward to the Thanksgiving break next week. Hopefully I'll get around to taking some pictures.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Robby and the kids traveled to Nazareth for a lamb jackpot Saturday (no pictures, I had a booth at the craft fair). Sadie placed first with both of her lambs. Her fine wool cross was named reserve breed champion. Robby said she showed really well. He and Sadie were a little disappointed that she came out second in showmanship. Sadie has set her sights on winning showmanship.

I had a great weekend at Happy's first annual craft show. Thanks to all of you who supported me at the show!

Veterans' Day

Every year, our school has a Veterans' Day program. I know I am a little biased, but I think ours is a pretty good one. Wednesday's was no different. The auditorium was nearly full. Some of Robby's FFA students presented the flags. The Kindergarten is in charge of leading the pledges. T.S.'s friend Aimee led the Pledge of Allegiance and then he led the pledge to the Texas flag.

The Kindergarten through second grade sang and the veterans in attendance were recognized. The third and fourth grade sang. Sadie was chosen to carry the Marine flag when the service hymns were sung.
The fifth and sixth grade band and junior high band performed. One high school student sang and another presented a poem. I'm thankful that our school and community take the time to recognize our veterans and take the time to instill patriotism in our young people.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Morning Conversation

Here's part of a conversation with T.S. as he cut paper to "one-quarter of an inch mom, it has to be one-quarter of an inch."
T.S.: Mom, there are cranes outside.
I looked and, "T.S. I think those are geese flying."
No, mom, on the ground, not with the chickens, but by the chickens.
Oh, those are our quail, they've gotten big.
Yeah, they're all grown up and in Kindergarten.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We carved the pumpkins we grew. The walls seemed very thick this year. I chose to carve a white one. The kids were surprised that the inside was orange; it's walls were almost three inches thick and it didn't have much "guts." The kids had fun doing the majority of their carving by themselves.

Sadie was a "good witch"--the hat has been misplaced. T.S. chose to be Spiderman--he didn't care for the mask. We had a fun time trick-or-treating.