Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

Here's a recap of our holiday. We were out of school early on Tuesday and enjoyed a day of not much on Wednesday. Wednesday evening we celebrated "Thanksmas" (Christmas the day before Thanksgiving) with the Tireys. The kids enjoyed bouncing in Shipo's barn. They exchanged ornaments and the adults had Chinese Christmas. We celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday with the Tireys and then were on the road to Aledo for more celebration with the Bows. (Sorry, as usual, got to the Tirey shindigs with no camera.)

The weather in Aledo was great. Robby and I went shopping Friday and the kids stayed with their grandparents and had a great afternoon of adventures with some of their cousins. We returned to dirty, tired, excited kids. They had worked all day on their clubhouse in the woods. PaPa has a treasure trove of items for clubhouse building. He let the kids paint, use the cordless drill, hammer all they wanted and drag stuff from all over to outfit the club--The Double C (Cousins Club). Meda and Sadie gave me the grand tour. The kids ended their evening around the firepit with PaPa.

On Saturday, we had the Bow Thanksgiving feast. More cousins were on hand for adventuring and improvements were made to the Double C. Sinks and cooktops were added. The kids had so much fun making their club. Some of the adults enjoyed more shopping and Sadie had a ball being a model so her aunts could get some photography practice in. A highlight for T.S. was "writing on the wall, because you never let us do it." Grandma has a wall that is waiting to be finished, so the grandkids get to draw pictures on it.

We arrived home today to this:

I guess it was our first official snow--we're back to the reality of Panhandle weather.

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Jen said...

brrr...looks cold. Josie is hoping for snow at Christmas!