Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today, we left school around 12:45. We are officially on Thanksgiving break. The kids had fun at school today. T.S. was an Indian with the rest of the Kindergarten and the second grade. They joined the first and third grade pilgrims for the annual feast. The pilgrims and Indians all bring something that might have been served at the first Thanksgiving (or at least similar to) and, well, they feast. T.S. took grapes. They were served with nuts, beef jerky, muffins, popcorn and cheese. The feast is another thing that makes Happy great--besides the fact that it's safe to ask every kid to bring something, the pilgrims and Indians didn't dig in until "Thanks" were given.

The fourth grade graduated from the feast this year, they had their own version of Thanksgiving in their home room. A highlight was homemade rolls with REAL butter. Before this group ate, they went around the room and each fourth grader had the opportunity to tell what he/she was thankful for.

We are enjoying an afternoon of laundry and relaxation. We're thankful indeed!

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Bee Happy said...

I love the fact that you remind me what a great place we live in. I love to keep up with you this way. You are such an important part of my life. Thanks for that. Thanks for being in my kids' lives and for just carrying on tradition. May God bless you all during this well-needed break.