Monday, August 31, 2009


"Daddy, did you know your hiney and rear are the same thing?"

"Who told you that?"

"Nobody, I just figured it out."

We've learned so much in a week.

An Update

Some people (Ashly) think they need an update--so here it goes, sorry no pictures.

We survived last week. The weekend was fairly uneventful. Robby helped a friend roof his house, I went to WalMart, the kids did kid things. Sunday we went to church, Robby and the kids played golf, I got stuff ready for church next week and helped clean the community center.

Today started slowly--T.S. and I really thought we should sleep in. He was excited, though, because Monday is his show and tell day. He took his pirate ship and, according to his teacher, presented it very well. No pictures--he is afraid you won't know it is not a real ship. Sadie starts dance this evening. We are about to start homework for the afternoon.

So far, these are the down-sides to me working: 1--the laundry fairy did not come at all last week and 2--everyone thinks they need supper every night even though I feel like I'm finished working for the day. My solution--I'm firing the laundry fairy and determined that we are going to get organized and into a routine. (HA)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

We ALL started school Monday.

Sadie was excited to start fourth grade. She has the same teachers she had last year, so she knew exactly what to expect. She is excited this year to add band to her schedule and to have Coach Keith (HS football coach) for PE.

T.S. was very excited and even stood on the stage in front of everyone when the Kindergarten was introduced. He was thrilled that there was an actual toy tractor and plow on the bulletin board outside his room. The theme in the elementary this year is "farm." I can think of no better one for T.S. to be starting out. He was Farmer of the Day the first day--he got to wear a John Deere cap and sit in a special recliner to read.

I am enjoying my job so far. It is fun being the fourth grade aide. I'm getting to be in the classroom for all subjects and am learning some neat ways to teach and present material. So far, it has been fun. We are all pretty tired--tonight is the last night of our church's revival that has been going on since Sunday.

We are looking forward to next week when the only activity is dance class on Monday--hopefully we'll be able to establish a better routine for getting things accomplished at home.

Friday, August 21, 2009

How We Roll

Robby and Sadie spent Wednesday afternoon washing and shearing lambs. Before they started that, T.S. and Sadie had been playing in the mud, so Sadie chose to leave her swimsuit on while she worked with the lambs. I hesitated to take pictures, because the swimsuit is too little and Robby usually frowns on such things, but when Robby came in to be sure we got a picture I knew it'd be okay. (Can't wait to put this one on the senior collage.)

While Robby and Sadie worked, T.S. continued to play in the mud in his underwear. He would play a while, come in and put dry unders on, rest a while and then go back out. By the end of the evening, he was out of clean underwear.
Most moms would be upset by this, but I've learned to go with the flow. It's how we roll around here...

4-H Photography

Sadie entered 7 pictures in the 4-H photography contest this year. Four advanced to district and were on display in Amarillo. We finally made it up to check out her pictures. We were very excited that all four received blue ratings and one was even chosen as a "Judges Choice." Sadie is pointing to that picture--it's a building on the river walk in San Antonio. She took the picture when we took the river boat tour while we were there for the stockshow in February.
Sadie has already been thinking of what she wants to photograph for next year's contest.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miss Happy

Tonight was the Miss Happy contest. Brant and Ashly arrived in time for Ashly to do Sadie's hair.
Sadie posed before the contest.

The girls did an opening dance.
She posed before her time on stage.
On stage, she was escorted by her dad, she introduced herself and then told what she wanted to be when she grows up ("An ag. teacher like my dad so I can help kids show, help them in the shop and teach them about agriculture.").
And, the winner is...

Posing with the runners-up.
Posing with her friend Sydni who was named Little Miss Happy.
Needless to say, we are all proud of Sadie. She was very poised and well-spoken. Most importantly, she had fun.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Visitor

Lynnlea came to visit today. The kids argued over who got to feed her. Sadie fed the first bottle; T.S. got the second one (he refused photos today--I know you are all shocked). We enjoyed time with our littlest cousin--she is a very content baby (unless she is wet or hungry, so she's pretty much like all of us).


A friend of Sadie's passed down her roller blades. Sadie was thrilled, hers had worn out and were too little.

T.S. wanted to join the fun, so he chose to spend his own money on roller skates. He has been practicing in the house before he heads out to our black top.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, Oh My!!

We had so much fun on our trip to Ruidoso. The kids enjoyed playing with the cousins their age, I enjoyed playing with the cousins my age, we all enjoyed our aunts and uncles and we were thrilled that GeGe even came! It was an action-packed time.

On Thursday, the kids enjoyed time in the pool. It is a little known fact, but we actually have Olympic divers and an Olympic announcer in our family. The kids (and Jay) got a kick out of being introduced before each dive and waiting for their score afterward. The dive to watch in the next games--T.S.'s spaghetti dive.

Friday we all enjoyed a trip to the horse races. There is something for everyone--tractors, water trucks, ambulances, horses, popcorn...The kids had fun watching all of this and playing their electronic games.
The kids enjoyed each other at the races. C.W. put his glasses on for a closer look at the form.

T.S. and Evan enjoy the Nintendos.

Ronnie waits for his order at the "restaurant." Just a note, if you are ordering from C.W., ask him what he has that day. It'll save you some time, he's usually out of anything you order.

There was lots of electronic gaming going on, but the kids actually turned them off one day to play (wait for it)...Monopoly.

The highlight of Saturday was go-carts and putt-putt golf. (No pictures, I forgot my camera, but did carry my purse around like my great-grandma used to. Trust me, I looked cool.)

Every evening we enjoyed supper at Shipo and Muddy's house. The kids even played a little golf.

The older girls enjoyed shopping like rock stars. They even had a chauffeur. Overheard in the "limo:" 'Let's pretend we're like famous rock stars and like we are really rich.' 'Yeah, or we have lots of money.'

On the last day, C.W. and Saxie relaxed on the couch.

Texie reluctantly poses for a picture--she is so quick and elusive that I missed any of her until the last day.

What a fun time making memories with our family! (By the way, Lynnlea was there--she was just so content most of the time that I didn't get a picture.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

We're Back

We really are home--all of us arrived back at the zoo yesterday. We are super BUSY, so vacation pictures may have to wait. The kids and I had fun, fun, FUN with the cousins, aunts, uncles and GeGe. Robby had as good of time as you can at a conference, but made up for it by placing 3rd overall at a cook off on Saturday.
Details about the fun adventures to come, eventually!