Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

We ALL started school Monday.

Sadie was excited to start fourth grade. She has the same teachers she had last year, so she knew exactly what to expect. She is excited this year to add band to her schedule and to have Coach Keith (HS football coach) for PE.

T.S. was very excited and even stood on the stage in front of everyone when the Kindergarten was introduced. He was thrilled that there was an actual toy tractor and plow on the bulletin board outside his room. The theme in the elementary this year is "farm." I can think of no better one for T.S. to be starting out. He was Farmer of the Day the first day--he got to wear a John Deere cap and sit in a special recliner to read.

I am enjoying my job so far. It is fun being the fourth grade aide. I'm getting to be in the classroom for all subjects and am learning some neat ways to teach and present material. So far, it has been fun. We are all pretty tired--tonight is the last night of our church's revival that has been going on since Sunday.

We are looking forward to next week when the only activity is dance class on Monday--hopefully we'll be able to establish a better routine for getting things accomplished at home.


Jen said...

Both of you look fabulous! Glad you got a good start to your year. Love, Jen

Ashly said...

You both looked so cute! I hope the end of the first week of school is just as good as the beginning. Love, Ash

Janda said...

Glad you and your kids are enjoying school! I am glad our kids are in the same classes and get to grow up together. The revival was wonderful but hard on all of us it being the first week of school. But oh well what do you do? Wesley Putnam was wonderful I could listen to his story telling every day.

Laura said...

Thanks, Jen and Ashly--

Janda--I agree, I loved the storytelling, just hated rushing from school to church to home to bed!! I couldn't be more thrilled that our kids get to grow up together!!

Ashly said..., Laura and Jen, both are slacking! I need updates!!! How else do you think we keep up with you guys....gosh...I feel out of the loop! It's like you guys are busy working or something...

Love you guys and hope you have a great week....School starts tomorrow for Brant and I! :D