Monday, August 10, 2009


A friend of Sadie's passed down her roller blades. Sadie was thrilled, hers had worn out and were too little.

T.S. wanted to join the fun, so he chose to spend his own money on roller skates. He has been practicing in the house before he heads out to our black top.


Janda said...

Looks fun! Hand me downs are always exciting to get especially if they are roller blades! I don't know about TS but Pace is dangerous on his skates. lol

Amanda Sanders said...

You are such a fun mom!

Jen said...


Laura said...

Janda--pretty sure T.S. is dangerous, too!
Amanda--thanks, I try!
Jen--yeah, it's just a barrel of fun here

Bee Happy said...

Sooooooooo glad tosee she can enjoy them!! Thanks for the pictures. Bailey has done well with laundry. Jana sent these little videos idea from the internet. They were funny but informative. She got an extra laundry bag to help with organization and a small deal of soap. She has done it twice and both times I said nothing about keeping her going. SHE DID IT ALL!!

Laura said...

Christy--Sadie is loving the blades! Tell Bailey I'm proud of her for doing her own laundry.