Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, Oh My!!

We had so much fun on our trip to Ruidoso. The kids enjoyed playing with the cousins their age, I enjoyed playing with the cousins my age, we all enjoyed our aunts and uncles and we were thrilled that GeGe even came! It was an action-packed time.

On Thursday, the kids enjoyed time in the pool. It is a little known fact, but we actually have Olympic divers and an Olympic announcer in our family. The kids (and Jay) got a kick out of being introduced before each dive and waiting for their score afterward. The dive to watch in the next games--T.S.'s spaghetti dive.

Friday we all enjoyed a trip to the horse races. There is something for everyone--tractors, water trucks, ambulances, horses, popcorn...The kids had fun watching all of this and playing their electronic games.
The kids enjoyed each other at the races. C.W. put his glasses on for a closer look at the form.

T.S. and Evan enjoy the Nintendos.

Ronnie waits for his order at the "restaurant." Just a note, if you are ordering from C.W., ask him what he has that day. It'll save you some time, he's usually out of anything you order.

There was lots of electronic gaming going on, but the kids actually turned them off one day to play (wait for it)...Monopoly.

The highlight of Saturday was go-carts and putt-putt golf. (No pictures, I forgot my camera, but did carry my purse around like my great-grandma used to. Trust me, I looked cool.)

Every evening we enjoyed supper at Shipo and Muddy's house. The kids even played a little golf.

The older girls enjoyed shopping like rock stars. They even had a chauffeur. Overheard in the "limo:" 'Let's pretend we're like famous rock stars and like we are really rich.' 'Yeah, or we have lots of money.'

On the last day, C.W. and Saxie relaxed on the couch.

Texie reluctantly poses for a picture--she is so quick and elusive that I missed any of her until the last day.

What a fun time making memories with our family! (By the way, Lynnlea was there--she was just so content most of the time that I didn't get a picture.)


Bee Happy said...

Cute run down. Glad you are my friend and part of my summer!!

Jen said...

Looks like fun...wish we were closer. :) Love, Jen