Friday, August 21, 2009

How We Roll

Robby and Sadie spent Wednesday afternoon washing and shearing lambs. Before they started that, T.S. and Sadie had been playing in the mud, so Sadie chose to leave her swimsuit on while she worked with the lambs. I hesitated to take pictures, because the swimsuit is too little and Robby usually frowns on such things, but when Robby came in to be sure we got a picture I knew it'd be okay. (Can't wait to put this one on the senior collage.)

While Robby and Sadie worked, T.S. continued to play in the mud in his underwear. He would play a while, come in and put dry unders on, rest a while and then go back out. By the end of the evening, he was out of clean underwear.
Most moms would be upset by this, but I've learned to go with the flow. It's how we roll around here...

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Janda said...

I laughed at the pics reminds me of life around here no one ever wears anything but their underwear. But hey at least they have on those right? Thanks for sharing!