Monday, August 31, 2009

An Update

Some people (Ashly) think they need an update--so here it goes, sorry no pictures.

We survived last week. The weekend was fairly uneventful. Robby helped a friend roof his house, I went to WalMart, the kids did kid things. Sunday we went to church, Robby and the kids played golf, I got stuff ready for church next week and helped clean the community center.

Today started slowly--T.S. and I really thought we should sleep in. He was excited, though, because Monday is his show and tell day. He took his pirate ship and, according to his teacher, presented it very well. No pictures--he is afraid you won't know it is not a real ship. Sadie starts dance this evening. We are about to start homework for the afternoon.

So far, these are the down-sides to me working: 1--the laundry fairy did not come at all last week and 2--everyone thinks they need supper every night even though I feel like I'm finished working for the day. My solution--I'm firing the laundry fairy and determined that we are going to get organized and into a routine. (HA)


Jen said...

no laundry or supper fairy here either--this week we set down and wrote a menu for the week, and so far so good (1 day! ha!)

Ashly said...

:D...Thank you, Laura...That made me happy...I'm sorry your laundry fairy disappeared...I wish she would have showed up here... :D Have a great week!

Janda said...

routines are hard to get started but keep me sane around here. I know I don't work out of the house but life still gets crazy here.