Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Last Week...

The last week has been a busy one.
Sadie danced with her dance/cheer class at the basketball game.

She showed her lambs at a jackpot in Claude (T.S. came to love the back of the Explorer.).

Oscar placed first and reserve breed fine wool cross. Edward was second. Sadie did an outstanding job showing. Oh, and it was cold and a little windy.

Both kids rang bells at church--this seems to be a pretty serious affair.
We FINALLY decorated the tree.

Robby and Sadie practiced the fiddle. (Ignore all boxes, etc. in the background--I said we decorated, not that we have the house back in order. The elf is supposed to arrive any day to put away laundry, return the storage containers from decorating to the storeroom, and hopefully do some cleaning.)

I should probably mention the weather. Last week was cold, to say the least. Yesterday, the high was 24. We woke to thin ice this morning. That was followed by snow, dark skies, a little sunshine and the horribly high winds. We're hoping things will even out as the week goes on.

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Jen said...

Thanks for the update...we've been missing seeing what you guys are doing.