Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break: Day 4 (and 5-6)

The snow is all gone here, except for a small drift here and there, so back to spring break. On Thursday Jennifer took the girls back to the golf course for a photo shoot. Then we all loaded up and went to the Magnolia Depot to try to get some pictures of T.S. on the caboose. They have an outdoor stage there, so the kids treated us to a little show before lunch. The kids talked us into swimsuits, water guns and sprinklers that afternoon.

Later that afternoon, the adults traveled to College Station for "42" at The Chicken, burritos from Free Birds and dancing at the Texas Hall of Fame. The fabulous Amy stayed home with our kids and treated them to manicures and pedicures and pizza. Sadie couldn't believe you could order on line and watch the progress of your order.
We enjoyed our trip down memory lane in Aggieland.
Friday was a day of resting. You are probably wondering about the cake balls--well, the cake was good, but we ran out of time to actually make the balls. Maybe next time.
Saturday we left Magnolia, ate at Babe's in Burleson and then went on to Aledo for a brief visit with Robby's folks. We made it home that night. All in all, it was a fun, relaxing week. We're looking forward to our next visit to the Spivey Resort.
My sister posted some of the pictures here. She is very talented. I am proud of her and I envy her camera.

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I posted a few pictures of Sadie and TS.