Tuesday, March 24, 2009

T.S. Says

We interrupt this spring break series with breaking news: T.S. has a "scarf" on his head.
Mom, I have a scarf on my head.
Me: A what?
You know a scarf. I scratched my head. See?
Shows forehead. Me: Oh yeah, a scratch. We'll have to put something on that or it will be a scar.
No, even Harry Potter has a scarf.
I'm guessing that a "scarf" is somewhat like a badge of honor. I asked to photograph it, but surprisingly he said no.


Ashly said...

lol...well at least he's a Harry Potter fan...hope yall's week has gone well!

Jen said...

Too funny--I hope the "scarf" goes away eventually!

Laura said...

The scarf is the least of his worries--he has a huge black eye to go with it. Something about an accidental kicking incident on the trampoline.

Janda said...

Tell TS that Pace got a "scarf" too on our spring break trip lol he is too cute!