Friday, March 27, 2009

Mama just can't say no...

We had to go to Tractor Supply Wednesday to get bedding for the rat and gerbil. We had just gotten in the store when Sadie announced they had baby chicks. I looked around and saw nothing. She had heard them and made a bee-line straight to them. So we came home with these:

Yes, chicks--four "assorted bantam chickens." We were attracted to the "fancy hair" on three of them and the smallness of the third. I'm a little worried about the assorted part--with our luck they are roosters. We'll see.

Notice that the little one gave Sadie a "present" this morning. (It was quite comical.) I'm pretty sure saying, "Sure, Daddy won't care." Gives me some more points for Mother Of the Year.

UPDATE: The gray one, Chloe, passed away last night. The other three seem to be doing well--they are developing nice wing feathers.


Ashly said...

:-D before you know it, you'll be able to charge admission to your farm. they are so cute. i wonder if brant will let me keep some in his backyard...;)

Laura said...

Ashly, I'm sure Brant will let you. They don't take up much space, the question would be how Ike would handle it.

Janda said...

They didn't have any of these the other day when we were in there. Ben and i still want to come out and see your set up and what we're getting into lol Let me know when a good time is and I didn't know if your road was muddy?

Sadie looks so happy to have the new chicks!

Laura said...

Mondays and Wednesdays are pretty busy here, but come out any other day. Unfortunately, our road isn't muddy after the snow.
Yes, Sadie was happy--she loves animals, especially baby ones.