Friday, August 6, 2010

Where we've been...

Sorry for the absence of posts and pictures. We have been relatively busy.

The kids and I made our annual Ruidoso trip with the aunts, uncles and cousins last week while Robby was at ag. teacher's conference. Unfortunately I got there without my camera, so here''s a recap.

Fishing--Sadie caught one fish and T.S. caught the pond liner. I successfully unhooked the two fish that were caught in our group. I'm pretty sure that impressed a few of the cousins--I'm also now an expert at unweaving fishing-line "nests" at the end of poles. We didn't lose any of the 6 kids in the pond, either.

Golf--Jay was kind enough (and brave enough) to take the cousins golfing on the 3-par--T.S. was thrilled.

Horse races--T.S. loves watching everything and picking a horse. A friend of ours had a horse running, and it won! Sadie got to be in the picture at the winner's circle.

Swimming--the Tirey cousins are definitely Olympics bound. Our annual diving "competition" was another success.

Around the condo--fun among the cousins, games of catch, rocket launching and hanging out.

Shopping--I'm ready for school--thanks Jay for watching the kids so I could go shopping!

Overall, it was a great time. We all enjoyed our time with family. Hopefully I'll remember the camera next time.

Today we are cleaning house in anticipation of my sister's family's visit. They'll be here for a few days and then the Wilbourn newlyweds will arrive--I promise to take pictures.

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