Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everybody Say Cheese...

We have had a fabulous Christmas weekend.  Saturday we enjoyed supper and games with GeGe.  This morning we woke up to Santa and snow!  We enjoyed church then had lunch with GeGe and headed to Tulia to visit Nonnie.  It was still snowing when we got home, so Robby and the kids bundled up and headed out for some hood riding.  Now we are enjoying leftovers (yes, I let T.S. eat only potato casserole for supper) and I'm back in my wonderful hoodie-footie pajamas.  The kids are scheming with snow plans for tomorrow.  Merry Christmas from the Bows!

One down side to riding the car hood--snow is blown into your face. 

We didn't do a good job of protecting T.S.'s face from the blowing snow (I was not quite prepared).  We did, however, manage to stuff T.S.'s size 3 foot into a size 12 snow boot.


Anonymous said...

Recently went sledding with my nieces and nephew over Christmas break. Good times. But it whet my appetite to get out and go skiing!

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