Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Day with T.S.

Yesterday T.S. and I had no obligations except to run some errands. We started the morning with him wanting to go outside to "do some farm work." It was 15 degrees. He was quite upset with me for not letting him go out, but was happy to type on the computer. He made a list of all of the things he needed to do and printed it out. It was very long.

On the way to Amarillo he announced he had a small hole in his pants. I told him not to put his finger in it and make it bigger. Right after we stopped and got gas in Canyon he announced, "Mom, look, how cool, I made the hole really big!" We had to stop at WalMart and get a pair of sweats for the rest of the day. Such joy!

He's been concerned about several things lately. Here are a few he voiced in the last few days.
  • I only know one Christmas song--Jingle Bells.
  • I wonder what locker I'll have next year. Me: Mrs. Osmanski will assign you one. What if I can't reach it? Me: All of the Kindergarten lockers are just your size. (He smiled.)
  • Mom, I just don't know what song I'll play on my drum set if Santa brings it. Me: It doesn't matter, you can play anything. I guess I'll just play Jingle Bells. (remember it is the "only one he knows.")

As always, he was quite concerned in the car when I ventured off of our normal route. He wanted to know if I really knew where I was going and why I kept stopping. "Those are called stop signs, honey."

When we got home, he was happy to play outside and finally get some of the things on his list accomplished. The small amount of snow we had is really helping his crop. We had such a fun day. I could fill pages with all of his thoughts and observations in the car. A trip to town is always interesting with T.S.

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