Monday, December 1, 2008

Gaylord Texan Resort at Christmas

We took the kids over to meander through the atrium at the Gaylord Texan, check out the decorations and have a treat. The kids really liked looking for fish in the "river" that runs through it. They enjoyed the koi and even saw a catfish (we think). T.S. really liked all of the different trains...I didn't seem to get a picture of them.
Robby and Randy took a moment to pose with the "ice girl" directing you to the ICE! exhibit.

The gingerbread house was pretty cool. We were all amazed at the list of ingredients. Beside the gingerbread house was a very large (and fake, but very realistic) oak tree. It was funny listening to people try and decide if it was real. We saw Santa Claus from a distance and also checked in on one of his reindeer. The lights outside were really neat. It was a great afternoon/evening of just hanging out with the family. Thanks Hico Bows for planning the outing! We're ready for our next grand adventure!


Jen said...

What a neat place! I want to go!

CSuzaaneJ said...

We stayed there last year when Clint went to a convention. I didn't see the finished product, but saw them setting it all up. I recognized it all right off. That is cool you went. The hotel is cool with all the areas of Texas. I loved it.

Janda said...

This looks like a cool place!