Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Happy International Stoskshow

Sadie during showmanship.

Sadie helped her friend Jayden with his goats.

T.S. showed in the PeeWee class for the first time and loved it.

We had a fun day at the stockshow yesterday.  I'm having issues loading vertical pictures, so possibly more to come.  Sadie placed 3rd and 4th with her lambs.  Our sweet friend Alisa showed the grand champion lamb.  T.S. actually participated in the Pee Wee show.  It was a great day watching the kids of our community exhibit their animals and work together.  It's great to live in  a place where, as my friend put it, "generations" have worked to put on a show to benefit our kids.  Can't wait for county this weekend!  (If I can't figure out the picture problem, I'll try to take more horizontal.


Jen said...

Memories... love seeing the pictures and hearing about the show. It doesn't seem the same in such a nice place--I can only picture it back in the bus barn in the freezing cold.

tom said...

with all the garbage kids in the city get caught up in its nice to see kids having some simple fun, blessings tom