Tuesday, April 26, 2011


T.S. celebrates his 7th birthday today.  Here's a picture with his birthday crown on and our new puppy, Elsie.  We picked her up today--Sadie wants to be clear that it is OUR dog and we just happened to pick her up on T.S.'s birthday.

Seven things about T.S.:
1.  He is adventurous--ask him about being a "good blind driver".
2.  He is kind-hearted.
3.  He makes all of us laugh--a lot.
4.  He loves to play golf with his daddy.  He can hardly wait for Robby to be his caddy this summer.
5.  He'll still hug his mama.
6.  He even likes his sister, although he'd never admit it.
7.  He makes great sound effects with his vehicles--especially in church.

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