Thursday, March 17, 2011

Houston 2011

Sadie and Nugget

Craig feels Nugget to decide what to feed.

The Coach and the team watch Alisa in the ring.

We had another fun stockshow experience--somehow I didn't do a very good job of documenting it.  Sadie and Nugget didn't do too well, but we were pleased that our cousin Sandy and her neighbor came down to watch.  We enjoyed dinner at Sandy and Jan's that evening--it certainly was a treat after a few days of food on a stick.

We enjoyed a relaxing time at Jennifer's.  The cousins, certainly do have fun together.  We made time in our trip for a few brief stops through Abbott.  Sissy and Albert should think of opening a bed and breakfast.  We were also thrilled to get to travel to Morgan Mill to see Randy and his family.  Once again, the cousins had a ball and we were thrilled to get to see the new Bow home and love on Evan, Meda and Mabry.

Sorry for the lack of pictures after the stockshow--I left the camera in Craig's pickup and no one thought it was worth it to drive back into Houston for it.

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