Monday, September 19, 2011

Football and the Fair

T.S. had his first flag football game Saturday--he said it was fun.  He does a great job "blocking."  I use the term roughly since no contact is supposedly allowed when you block.  We then spent the day at the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo.  Sadie had a fantastic day.   She showed four lambs and placed in the top 8 with all of them.  Our friends--Alisa, Gracie, Luke and Jake--all had a great day as well.  It was fun to be with our Happy Show Crew.
T.S. is number 5.

Joe placed 1st in his class.

Lucy was 2nd. (She--Lucy, not Sadie--also peed on my foot.)

Sadie and Lucy at the end of a long day.


The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

How fun!

Rage said...

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