Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Highlights of the Day

Here's a brief synopsis of our day today:
  • The wind blew, AGAIN.
  • Collected only 3 eggs (I'm wondering if the weather/wind affects this. But not enough to launch a full scale inquiry/experiment.)
  • The roosters are fighting--they've been best buds for months and now they are going at it; there's even blood. If it hadn't been so dang windy, I would've tried to get pictures for you.
  • T.S. swallowed a "coin." He was a little bit upset about this to say the least. I actually think it terrified him. Here's hoping we can collect our "change" in a day or two.

1 comment:

Janda said...

Pace swallowed a penny once and we tried to collect the change also but we never could find it to collect it. gross huh!!! I think it is cool that you are getting eggs from your chickens. I would love to raise chickens for my own eggs.