Saturday, February 21, 2009

How to Entertain a Four-Year-Old Boy

T.S. had a great time at the stock show, too. It was hard for him to be quiet and still around the pens. (You don't want the lambs up and walking around a lot.) Thankfully, the rain/mist stopped Tuesday afternoon and he got to have some fun outside. All you need to entertain a four-year-old boy is a rubber band gun, a few rubber bands and a can. When he got tired of shooting at the can, he enjoyed "shooting into outer space."


freetolive said...

where did you get that gun? I need to get Zeke one. He would love it. We loose all those darts that come with his other guns.

Laura said...

We got that gun at one of the booths at the stock show. He received one for Christmas, but I don't know where they purchased it.
T.S. likes it with or without the rubber bands.