Friday, February 20, 2009

We're Back

We got in last night from San Antonio. It was a long trip, but fun. Sadie worked very hard--feeding Leonard every 3 hours on Monday and Tuesday. (Thanks dad for doing the late night and early, early feedings so we could sleep a little.) She was at the barn by 6:30 Wednesday morning and ready to show him in the first class that morning.

Once again, Sadie was an outstanding showman--she impressed quite a few people with her abilities. She and Leonard were pulled as soon as the judge felt of the lamb. She then had to weigh him and wait in an alley with the other kids who were pulled. After that, they went back into the ring and showed again. Sadie and Leonard ended up 14th--only the top 9 sell. We were so proud of both of them. There were about 40 in her class and the weight range was from 100-113 with a 5 pound overage (which means some of the lambs were probably 118). Leonard topped the scales at 97 lbs. Once again he was small and mighty. I'll post pictures later.

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Ashly said...

great job sadie!!! you know, we rarely ever have a problem with being light, one of my pigs weighed in at 316 at our local show...your lamb looked great sadie! you can really tell how much work you put into him!