Saturday, April 25, 2009

Adventures in the Pasture

Yesterday, the kids and I got on the four-wheeler and explored the east pasture.

We checked out the draw and the green grass. We spotted coyote tracks and badger tracks (we think--still checking on those).
We found a part of the playa lake that we didn't realize was there and saw several ducks and at least a dozen American Avocets. (Yes, I looked it up).
We went on over the "hill" and found a part of the pasture that right now is "beautiful" according to Sadie. (I have to agree with her.)
We ventured to the pasture by the house and the kids climbed the windmill and observed more ducks while listening to the frogs begin their evening serenade. Our goal is to see a frog and catch it--so far no luck on either.
T.S. even thanked me for taking them down there and said, "Mom, that was a good adventure."


Bee Happy said...

so proud for and of you. You really are a great mom. You give me things to strive for. I love you.

Laura said...

Thanks, Christy, love you, too!