Friday, April 17, 2009

Playing and Waiting

What do you do while you are waiting to see if you need to take cover during a storm? Why, play Play-doh candy shop, of course.
I took this--and, yes, Sadie really does have a top to her head.

T.S. took this one--much better composition than his mother.
We had storms in our area last night. We managed to get by with small hail and lots of rain. South of us, near Tulia, they had some tornadoes, LOTS of hail and lots of rain. The Interstate is still closed this morning south of Tulia because of water over the road. They had to get the graders and snow plows out in Tulia to clear the hail from the roads.

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Ashly said...

:) well at least you guys had fun while it rained!!! the storm is headed our way :(