Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hico--Day 3 & 4

Wednesday morning we picked up our cousin Beverly at the retreat center she is working at this summer (it was her day off) and headed to Fort Worth. We meet Aunt Melinda and Aunt Ruth and her kids at Billy Miner's in downtown Fort Worth. My kids were fascinated with the parking garage and with walking among the big buildings downtown.

After lunch, we went swimming with Ruth and Ben. The kids had a ball jumping off the diving boards (T.S. jumped off the side). Sorry, I didn't get any pictures.

We then made a quick stop at Grandma and PaPa's and headed to Burleson to see the Fisher's house and then to eat at Babe's (YUM!!!) We had so much fun seeing all of the cousins, aunts and of course the grandparents.

On the way home from dropping Beverly back off at Glen Rose, my cousin Brant called to announce his engagement to the lovely Ashly--congrats, you two!

On Thursday we checked out a new breakfast place in Hico and then went downtown to check out some of the really cool shops they have. If you are ever that way, the downtown has some neat places. The kids got to watch the chocolate-making process and then we went to the Wiseman House to purchase some. Wiseman House Chocolates are yummy--I recommend the almond toffee and Sadie likes the Choco-rocks.

We enjoyed a quick lunch of homemade pizza (that included my homemade cheese) then said our goodbyes and headed back to Happy.

The kids and I had so much fun with the Hico Bows. Can't wait to see where our next adventure leads us!

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