Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swimming Lessons

We LOVE swimming lessons at Granny Kaye's!!

T.S. is in the tadpole class. The kids are so cute as they each sit on the steps waiting their turn to swim. He actually "sat" on the bottom of the pool yesterday without protesting and took
off his floaties during play time to show me how he "swims." (It was a dog paddle with no head in the water, but such an improvement over last year.)

Sadie's class is full of swimmers. She is practicing her breathing while swimming and learning the breast stroke. Yesterday was Sadie's last day--she left today to go pick up her lambs.

The kids love swimming and getting to hang out in Kaye's cool backyard in-between lessons. We mom's enjoy visiting, too. We are lucky to have a lady like Kaye in our community, otherwise our kids would either be non-swimmers or we'd have to arrange for lessons out-of-town. Thanks, Kaye!

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Karin Schueller said...

Okay, they are adorable! And they look SO happy to be in the water!

I'm Karin from A Window Into Whimsy, just stopping by to say THANKS for entering! And thanks for the compliment on the family tree! ;) Good luck!!