Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a Week!

I didn't mean to go a whole week without posting. It has been a busy one.

We enjoyed vacation Bible school at our church this week.

Thursday Robby went to the scramble at the golf course and the kids and I headed to town for a swim/jewelry party. The swimming was short-lived as we ended up in Granny Kaye's basement when the tornado sirens went off. The kids made it a fun time and sang songs. I don't know if we had an actual tornado or not. Lots of limbs were blown down, trampolines mangled and some minor damage to a house. We were okay and Robby got a rain check for the scramble.

Robby spent Friday preparing to cook for the dinner at the Wesley-Sims Memorial Roping Calcutta. Saturday he smoked some incredible brisket and ribs.

Sadie and I worked in the concession stand with her fellow Cowboy 4-H members on Saturday and Sunday at the roping. T.S. enjoyed the sand pile on Saturday. The kids had fun with GeGe Saturday afternoon. They enjoyed Sawyer and Grayson's recital and had fun playing with the Tirey's in Plainview.

This morning Robby discovered that Tiger had five kittens. Unfortunately she is very young and not too sure how to take care of them. Sadie and I got them to nurse some this evening. We're hoping she figures it out soon since I have outlawed bottle-feeding kittens at our house.

Next week may be a little slower. Sadie has basketball camp every afternoon.

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