Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day at the Lake

Sadie takes a break from the water--I'll bet she swam several miles in all.
T.S. was ready for anything.

Sadie pauses for a picture before running back in. T.S. figured out how to make a boat and row all by himself.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Lake Mackenzie. We took time at the marina to see the 4,000 year old horse bones (see a picture and read about them here) and some other fossils. We met up with the McBrooms at the beach and enjoyed a day in the sun and water--the kids and Irish were the ones who enjoyed the water the most. The lake is extremely low right now, so no jet skis, tubing or skiing.

Irish loves to jump after water droplets.
We roasted marshmallows and ate Hershey bars--someone forgot the graham crackers.


Ashly said...

happy birthday!

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Simona Walters said...

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