Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Zoo Members

We'd like to introduce you to the four newest members of our zoo:
Our friend Teagen is in first grade and they hatched their chickens recently. He needed a place for his to stay, so we gladly offered for them to come live at our zoo. Right now we can't tell if they are cocks or pullets (boys or girls). One already has a comb starting, so I'm pretty sure he is a cock.

For those of you who have lost count of our zoo, here's the latest tally: 1 donkey, 2 (year-old)bottle calves, 3 cats (remember when we bottle fed those), 1 dog who is now walking a bit sideways, 2 bantam roosters (free to good home), 6 Leghorn hens, 5 Rhode Island Red hens, 2 Polish bantam chicks, 1 bantam chick of unknown breed, 4 leghorn chicks, 1 rat, 1 gerbil and one cabbage named Freddy.


WJMC said...

Thank you, Laura, for taking in Teagen's chicks and giving them a good home. I enjoyed our quick tour of the farm.

Laura said...

We are glad to have the chicks. Come out any time!