Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday Party

T.S. chose an army theme for his cake this year. I created a battlefield scene the best I could.

We had a small party and enjoyed time with friends and family. T.S. loved all of his presents--he and Robby have been engrossed with the remote-control helicopter he received; but I think he liked getting to play with his friends the most. It was fun to watch the girls read him his cards.
It was too cool and damp to launch rockets, so we'll have to have a rocket-launching party another day.


Jen said...

TS, I love your cake! Wish we could have been at your party! It looks like you had lots of fun! Love, Aunt Jen

WJMC said...

Laura, you did a great job on your Army Cake for TS. I am sure that he was pleased with your creation.