Friday, July 17, 2009

T.S. Says...

T.S. has really come up with some doozies lately.

First, he has noticed that adults have "fur"--you know on their tummies, chest, under their arms. He is very intrigued by this and is now looking forward to having "fur like daddy's."
Second, we kept two of our cousins the last two days. The youngest isn't talking--well, she talks, we just don't always understand. Anyway, T.S. is very intrigued:
"Do you think Texie will speak English?" He asked this yesterday, must have thought about it all day and asked again today.
Me: "Yes, I'm pretty sure she will."
Later in the day, "Mom, she'll probably speak English and we won't understand a word she says."
Me: "Yes, she'll speak English. You speak English."
"No, I don't speak English."
Me: "Then what do you speak? You speak English."
"No I don't and quit saying I do."

Not sure what language he speaks, but it sure has been funny lately.

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