Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Addition

Meet Annie:

She's the newest addition to our zoo. She's half border collie and half Australian shepherd. We think she is pretty cute. We are hoping that we can train her to run the show sheep. Robby says I can probably teach her to herd the chickens back into their pen in the evenings, too.

So how did we end up with Annie? On Saturdays, a local AM radio station hosts Tradio--a program where people can call in selling things or seeking things. Robby was plowing and heard that a man was giving away puppies. We've been talking about getting a dog to run the sheep, so he and the kids wasted no time heading to Amarillo to check out the offer of puppies.
Annie seems to be settling in well. She isn't taking much off of the cats, likes to have her tummy scratched and seems happy to see us.
We still have Petunia, she is really showing her age (15 years). She's still a great dog.


Jen said...

She's so cute! Welcome to the zoo Annie!

Laura said...

Jennifer--You should see her trying to play with Petunia! Petunia tolerated it very well.
Annie can fit through the holes in the panel at the corner of the house. So she plays with Petunia for a while then comes back to her side to rest.

Janda said...

Cute! Looks like the kids love here already.