Wednesday, November 12, 2008

T.S.'s Tall Tale

Every evening we can hear coyotes. I'm sure they are in the pasture, probably in the draw that runs through. It has been a quest for Robby and the kids to shoot one. T.S. was reporting he could hear them tonight. He came in just a minute ago and told me the following "tale."

We got the coyotes to come close enough that dad shot one.
Me: Really? I thought y'all were clipping lambs.
Yeah, it came up close and dad shot it. You should have seen how far he threw it after he got it.

long pause

He fed it to the pigs.
Me: Really? I think I'll go out and ask dad.
No, don't do that.

I wish you could hear him tell stories. He is really quite believable, until he throws in a detail that just doesn't fit. His facial expressions are priceless as well. I was thinking, "well, Robby might have shot one." I hope he keeps telling tales.

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