Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spelling...and some changes

Please bear with me as I once again change my blog. I thought I had it exactly like I wanted it, then I tried to add some "widgets" or whatever those things are called and they didn't fit. I realized that in my attempt to be a little different and not change to "minima" before adding a background, I was limiting my widget capability. I'm working on getting font and colors that are easy to read with the dark background. I realize looking at older posts that T.S.'s blue conversation color may have to change, so bear with me--please feel free to leave nice suggestions.

So, the spelling part. Studying for spelling at our house is a chore. So I found this web site. There is also a widget on the sidebar. I figure it is worth a shot. The plan is to put the words in on Monday and Sadie will want to study them all week (by playing games). We'll let you know how it works. Let us know if this site works for you or is helpful.
I took the widget off of the sidebar--Sadie isn't too interested in this--we'll see if she is as her list gets harder.



I think the blog looks GREAT. I really like the header.

Laura said...

Thanks, Trey!

Jen said...

We use that site at school and at home. love it!

Jen said...

also a good site:
You can work on multiplication facts.

BTW love the blog design. :)

Laura said...

Thanks, Jen! Sadie started multiplication this week. She taught me how to do an array--who knew. We'll try out the math site.