Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow and Sledding

Yesterday was gray and cold. I talked the kids out of sledding, so they played outside for a long time.

Today was sunny and warm (if you call 34 degrees warm). I took the kids to the overpass to sled. We started out on the north side which was very rough and icy. We then moved to the south side which was more snowy and eventually slushy. What a fun afternoon with what seemed like half the kids in Happy! I was again reminded why I'm glad we live where we do. We get to "sled" on overpasses with kids ranging in age from 3 to 18. Everyone takes care of each other. They all shared the various sledding devices and had a great time.

This is one of T.S.'s trips down the north side. When he finished his run, he got up and announced, "That was wicked."

He caught some serious air on the ramp the kids made on the south side. The high school kids were very impressed.
Here is Sadie on the south side. Apparently, psyching yourself up to go down is serious business.

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