Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day (More like Sleet Day)

It is sleeting today. Supposedly it is supposed to turn to snow soon. We don't have school today and probably won't tomorrow. Here are pictures of the day so far (these were taken a little before 9:00 this morning). I'll try to take more when it is time to feed this afternoon.

We had trouble opening gates this morning because of ice buildup. Sleet stung our faces. I'm not looking forward to helping feed this afternoon. I'm glad we just have the pigs, chickens, lambs and a dog to feed and aren't having to take care of cattle, too.
The kids have already painted and played some games. Puzzles are next on the list. I'd like to cook some chili, but we're not sure how much longer we'll have electricity. I'm pretty sure if I start cooking it'll go out half-way through. When we were kids, Grandma and Granddad would send us a puzzle from the hardware on snow days and mom would usually cook chili.

We're prepared for the electricity to go off. We have a fire going, lots of bottled water to drink, and water drawn up for flushing if necessary. We can't see out of the north or east windows because of the coating of ice. It's kind of odd to not be able to see out.
I'm planning on posting more pictures on my "Thoughts" page--weather permitting.

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