Friday, January 22, 2010

Randall County Stockshow

Finally--here are the pictures from Randall County. Sadie had a pretty good day:
Lambs: Edward (black faced)--2nd, Oscar--4th
Pigs: 4th and 5th (I honestly can't remember which was which).

As you can see, Robby gets a little nervous/anxious when Sadie is in the ring.
See if you can spot him in the picture of her showing the York--white pig.
Robby's parents came up to watch Sadie show. T.S. stayed with GeGe because of his asthma, but had a ball with the Tirey cousins. Sadie made the sale with all of her animals and "sold" Edward (it's a premium sale which means people aren't really buying the animal, they are just donating to the kids' projects). She's planning on taking him to San Antonio. We're not sure which pig gets to travel to Fort Worth yet, we're waiting to see how they look after being on feed a little longer.

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Charlene said...

It's showtime. How fun! This is a busy time of year for you all...Good success for the upcoming shows! Enjoy these fun times...they go by so quickly. Greg's gone now to Ft. Worth, I'm sure sometime this season our paths will cross :)