Friday, January 8, 2010

The Week in Review

We started back to school on Monday. Sadie had her fiddle lesson and her first little dribblers practice. Tuesday, Sadie and I worked her lambs and prepared the pigs for the Arctic air that came in Wednesday. We put a lot of hay in their houses. Wednesday, Sadie had another basketball practice. Yesterday, I took care of feeding and watering everything in the sub-freezing temperatures. Sadie seems to be sick, so she and I are headed to the doctor today with the hope that she will be well enough to show Friday.

Robby has been overseeing washing and clipping of all of the pigs and lambs in preparation for the Happy International Livestock Show on Saturday. He has actually been making it in fairly early--by 9 or so each evening. Thanks, in part, to some great students who are willing to help everyone out. Hopefully those same guys will be willing to help wash Sadie's lambs and pigs today since Sadie can't.

The weekend looks to be a cold one. Hopefully I'll have pictures of the show on Saturday or Sunday.
Stay warm!!

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