Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Carving our Jack O'Lanterns is a big deal at our house. Probably because it was an event when I was a kid. Nonnie always made sure we had nice pumpkins to carve, even when we were in high school. When Sadie was a baby we got into the tradition of waiting until Halloween to carve--mainly because of pumpkin thieves. Now that we live in the country, that is not a problem, but Sadie thinks we need to do it on Halloween. C.W. joined us this year. The pumpkins all came out of our garden.

As always, T.S. wasn't interested in having his picture made. He even tried to cover up his pumpkin so it couldn't be photographed. Sadie, on the other hand, has become quite the camera hound. She pretended that her pumpkin had eaten her hand.

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