Monday, October 27, 2008

T.S. Says

Robby and Sadie had lamb validation after school today. That left T.S. and me to have an adventure or two and help GeGe. Here are the highlights:
  • T.S. took a croquet mallet to the garden. He enjoyed smashing old squash and tomatoes. "Look mom, I squtted (sounds like cutted) it." "You squashed it?" "Yeah, I squtted it and it went splat!"

  • He lined up the empty jugs of antifreeze mom was using to winterize the sprayer. "Mom, it counts seven both ways."

  • We let the young chickens out--he waited until all ten were in an area together and then barrelled through on his trike.

  • When Robby got home, "Look dad, I'm having crambled eggs for supper." (That would be scrambled.)

By the way, he announced that his maize is growing and his wheat is coming up nicely because of the rain.

What a fun afternoon!

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