Tuesday, October 7, 2008

T.S. Says:

T.S. and I have been spending a leisurely morning together. We've fed the chickens, checked on our pumpkins and thrown tomatoes--just the bad ones. The cows and donkey got a special treat--a bucket of leftover wheat seed--because the chickens were too picky and wouldn't eat it.
When you get T.S. by himself he can come up with some interesting ideas.

For some reason his piggy bank is in the kitchen. I asked him to please take it back to his room and this is what transpired:
"I'm going to leave it in here."
"Why? It really needs to go back to your room."
"I'm leaving it in here so people will put money in it when they walk by."

At lunch:
"Do elephants really like peanuts?"
"I think so, but I don't know for sure."
"They said they do on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We need to put some peanuts out."
"If we put peanuts out, do you think elephants will come?"
"Are you sure you want elephants to come to our house?"
"Yes, I'm going to ride them. Do you like spaghetti?"

Don't you wish you had that thought process and had that innocence to trust such simple things? I think we need to get some peanuts--I'd like to ride an elephant, too.


Jen said...

Let me know when the elephants show up. I think maybe TS should start charging people to walk through the kitchen. His piggy bank will fill up in no time!

Laura said...

Jen--The problem with that is that we are the only ones here--I can't afford it if he starts charging. Then again, I'd get out of cooking.

Janda said...

He is too cute! I just love the things kids say... and do...Thanks for sharing!