Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Carnival

Tonight was the Halloween Carnival. Halloween has never been T.S.'s favorite thing. We've always had to convince him to choose a costume. This year, T.S. was supposed to dress up as a ghost. We spent most of the afternoon trying to talk him into painting his face white. When Sadie was getting dressed, T.S. announced, "You know, I don't have to dress up." I didn't argue--every year I am usually at home by myself getting the kids ready since Robby has to be at the carnival early to get his class situated with their booth.

When we arrived at the carnival, we were fortunate to have a werewolf right in front of us. This led to tears from T.S. I wasn't sure if he would go in. The first few games he was very shaky and he made sure to have one eye on the werewolf the whole time. He finally relaxed and enjoyed some games. When he had three tickets left he announced he was finished and ready to go home--again, I didn't argue. Sadie is old enough to stay and come home with her dad.

On the way to the car, he said, "Thanks mom for letting me do all that." I said, "No problem, did you have fun?" "Not really. I didn't like the werewolf. He needs a new costume."


Jen said...

Werewolves are kind of scary. I don't think I blame TS. Sadie looked so cute in her costume!

Laura said...

He really did have fun. He talked about it all the way home and even asked if we could turn around and go back.