Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rainy Day

It is raining today. We are very thankful for the rain, although it does have a few draw backs. Minding the zoo in the rain isn't necessarily fun (unless you are T.S.--those puddles seem to always get in his way). Our road is muddy. Let's just say our maintainer guy probably didn't go to road grader school. Needless to say, our road is a mess. Keep in mind, we, thankfully, only have to drive about 1/2 mile on dirt. Also, you need to know that last Sunday it rained all during church--praise the Lord!--and we were in the Explorer, not the pickup. I only had to back up once. We were almost to the turn in and T.S. says, "You know mom, we can always go get a chain."

The ride home from seeing Nonnie today went something like this.
Sadie: Do you have it in 4-wheel drive?
Me: Yes.
T.S. tries to make a comment as we are fish-tailing down the road.
Sadie: Shhh.
Nearly at our turn in--T.S. is whispering "almost, almost."
We turn in to the paved driveway--Sadie sighs and breathes out--I guess she had been holding her breath. T.S. cheers, "Yes, we made it."
I was confident the whole time. (praying: Lord, let us make it to the turn-in seems to help.)

It is funny when you are a kid, you think being quiet will keep you from being stuck. We used to do the same thing to our parents. Here's to lots more muddy adventures!

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Jen said...

I definitely remember holding my breath as the car slid from side to side on the muddy road. Glad you haven't gotten stuck yet--I bet you could teach TS to go get the tractor and pull you out.