Friday, October 3, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

The boys had a fun time outside this morning. First they "helped" GeGe with the drills (when I got out there they were pretending the drills were a roller coaster). Then they played racing on the OLD go-cart which was followed by tricks on the trampoline and finally farming in the yard.

It was really neat to watch them pretend on the old go-cart. First, because they had great imagination and teamwork. They had wrecks, had to fix it and even won trophies (sticks and rocks). Second, originally that was my mom's go-cart. I vaguely remember it running and getting to ride it as a kid. We played on it a lot though. My brother took it to school for modifications in Ag class--a lot was added to it, but it still didn't run. My cousins spent hours loosening bolts and taking the engine apart. And now, a third generation is playing on it and having a blast. I'm just glad I was told to move off of the track this morning before I could be run over.

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