Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bubbles in the House

12:30 update: Bubbles have lasted for over an hour now. Here is what I overheard during "Bubble Fest": I can go to the bathroom and blow bubbles. I can walk and blow bubbles, and pop them. He blew bubbles all the way to town and back and stopped long enough to paint. We'll post the artwork when it is dry. I want to 1. show what a great artist he is and 2. prove we did more today than sit in our PJs and blow bubbles.
I'm not sure where I ended up in the running for 2008 Mother of the Year. I'm pretty sure it was in the Top 10. I decided this year to start my campaign for the coveted award off with a bang. So, I'm allowing T.S. to do some things he has never done, like blow bubbles in the house. The 2009 me is soooo laid back...

Seriously, it is Wednesday. T.S. and I are hanging out. There is probably lots to be done, like get dressed, go get the mail, do some laundry, learn some letters, the list goes on and on and on...

Instead, T.S. found his bubbles with the handy-dandy "spill proof" lid that his awesome Sunday school teacher gave him and said, "Mom, let's do bubbles." In a moment of weakness (I think it has something to do with still wearing PJs at 11am, I said, "Sure, just don't spill them."

He has been entertaining himself and me. He's blown bubbles, caught bubbles, popped bubbles.
Wish you were here to join in the bubble fest.

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